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About Maple Homestay Network

Maple Homestay Network is an education service consulting group that connects international Vietnamese students with Canadian hosts. Our priority is to ensure that both students and hosts receive the nourishing experience they seek.

For students, they will receive a full Canadian experience with welcoming hosts and custodians who encourage self-growth and prioritize their safety and learning. Students will learn through the Canadian education system and experience the Canadian culture while bringing their own individuality and heritage to the community. They will form life-long friendships and memories that will echo across continents. Read about student’s Canadian experience here.

For hosts, they will benefit from experiencing the world from home. The best hosts are the ones who provide a caring environment, love to see students succeed and treat students like their own family members. This is exactly what you’ll find at MHN; experienced Canadian hosts who have a passion for teaching and learning about a new culture while showing students their own. MHN homestay hosts have numerous years of hosting experience and are thoroughly screened to ensure safety and the perfect fit. Our matching system carefully ensures that both the student and the host’s preferences are met to deliver the best experience for all parties.

MHN offers the following services:

  • Custodianship Services

  • Homestay Services

  • Airport Pick-up/ Drop-off Services

  • International Student Rentals

  • Study Permit Extensions

  • Work Permit Applications

  • International Student Rentals

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