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Essential Apps for International Students in Canada

Are you an international student studying in Canada or planning to join the community soon? Navigating a new country can be an exciting adventure, and these essential apps will help make your journey smoother and more enjoyable. 🌍🇨🇦

Here are some must-have apps for international students, complete with download links:

1. WhatsApp 📲

  • Stay connected with loved ones back home and make new friends with the WhatsApp messaging app. It's perfect for text messages, voice calls, and video chats.

2. Facebook 📸

  • Keep up with friends, family, and university events on Facebook. Many universities also have active Facebook pages for students.

3. Instagram 📷

  • Share your Canadian experiences through captivating photos and stories on Instagram.

4. Snapchat 👻

  • Capture and share moments in real-time with friends using the fun features of Snapchat.

5. LinkedIn 💼

  • Build your professional network and explore job opportunities on LinkedIn.

6. Uber and Lyft 🚗

  • Get around Canadian cities conveniently with Uber and Lyft. They offer affordable transportation options.

  • Get up to $11/ride off 2 Lyft rides in City of Toronto if you use the referral link.

7. Google Maps 🗺️

  • Explore your surroundings, find public transportation routes, and navigate the city with Google Maps.

8. Banking Apps 💳

  • Manage your finances and keep track of your accounts with the banking apps of major Canadian banks like TD Canada, RBC, and Scotiabank.

9. Local Transit Apps 🚆

  • Depending on your city, use local transit apps like TTC (Toronto), TransLink (Vancouver), or OC Transpo (Ottawa) for efficient public transportation.

10. Food Delivery Apps 🍔

  • Satisfy your cravings with food delivery apps like Uber Eats, SkipTheDishes, and DoorDash.

  • Uber Eats: Get $15 off your first 2 Uber Eats orders of $20 or more. Terms apply. Use the code at checkout: eats-victorh303

  • Step 1: Go to

  • Step 2: Use code: eats-victorh303

  • Step 3: Enjoy!

11. Language Learning Apps 🗣️

  • Enhance your language skills, especially English proficiency, with apps like Duolingo, Rosetta Stone, and Babbel.

12. Academic Apps 📚

  • Stay organized with your studies and assignments using productivity apps like Microsoft Office 365, Google Workspace, and academic planners like My Study Life.

Explore these apps and tailor them to your needs as an international student in Canada. They'll not only help you academically but also make your daily life in Canada more comfortable and enjoyable. Embrace your international student journey, connect with your new community, and share your adventures with the world!

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